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John Mahama’s Tribute To His Boss Late Jerry John Rawlings

John Mahama

Boss, It is difficult to come to terms with your shocking exit. But you’ve always been unconventional and acted on your own terms. The rest of us your comrades are left to mourn you. But beyond mourning your departure, we have a duty and responsibility to ensure that your person and your principles receive their deserved place in the history ... Read More »

I Will Use My MPs Car Loan To Buy a Grader Instead of a V8 To Fix Roads – Mohammed Adamu Ramadan

Mohammed Adamu Ramadan

The NDC parliamentary candidate for Adenta constituency, Mohammed Adamu Ramadan, has said, if he wins the 2020 parliamentary elections, he will use his MP’s car loan to buy a grader instead of a V8. He says some roads in the constituency are bad and need constant reshaping. So while advocating for the roads to be done, the grader will come ... Read More »

Jean Mensah, I Don’t Have A Ghana Card. TT Caternor Asks, Can I Vote?

Jean Adukwei Mensah, I am told I can’t vote by virtue of a New CI being laid in Parliament. I have to vote on 7th December, 2020 at all cost. My vote is my RIGHT. Some of us have been registered voters since 1992 until 2016. Where did we go wrong to be handed down this kind of punishment from ... Read More »

Akufo Addo And Jean Mensah’s Plot To Prevent 479,248 People In The Volta Region From Voting?

Jean Mensah And Akuffo Addo

(Akuffo Addo, Jean Mensah kple Atefua wo dzi bé yeoa vor mià Voltatorwó loo. Me kpor wo nyui3dé. Ame wó vordi. No na mià ké nku nyuie lo!!!) A member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the La Dadekotopon constituency, TT Caternor, has said that the Electoral Commission of Ghana (EC) would not be allowed by the good people ... Read More »

Greater Accra Vrs Ashanti NIA Registration Figures Expose Ken Attafuah’s Hatred For The People Of Greater Accra

Ken Attafuah NIA Boss

A member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the La Dadekotopon constituency, TT Caternor, has opined that the National Identification Authority let by Ken Attafuah had disenfranchised the people of Greater Accra as compared to Ashanti Region Registrations. He asserted in the script below; In the Fourth Republic, Ghanaians have successfully voted in multiple elections, and the NDC and ... Read More »

NPP Are Smart Politicians And NDC Are Compassionate Politicians – Fred Duhor

Akuffo Addo And John Mahama

#MyOpinion If I want to be a Smart politician, I will join NPP If I want to be a compassionate politician I will join NDC These two options always strike me anytime I monitor social media most especially Facebook. I have followed closely posts from political communicators from both sides of the two major parties in the country. I have ... Read More »

Fifty Seven (57) Aspirants File To Contest In Twenty Constituencies In Greater Accra Region

NPP Youth

*NPP – GREATER ACCRA SECRETARIAT* *PRESS RELEASE* *21- 02 – 2020* At the close of nomination on Friday, 20th February 2020, 57 Aspirants filed their nominations to contest in the upcoming primaries in various comstituencies in Greater Accra. Amongst the fifty seven members, thirteen (13) are females whiles the rest are males. *1. BORTIANOR NGLESHIE AMANFROM* a. Hon Alahji Habib ... Read More »

Nana Akuffo Addo Warns Politicians About Corruption

The President In his address at SONA2020, strongly warns politicians about corruption and makes them aware of the punishments when caught. Corruption in Ghana has been common since independence, however systems has been put in place for a long time to addresses corruption but for a long time it really hasn’t been effective.  The President today at SONA2020 addressed corruption ... Read More »

Minority Fulfill’s their Promises And Walked Out Of Parliament At SONA2020

The Minority, National Democratic Congress fulfilled their promise to walk out of the State Of The Nations Address 2020. The men and women in the minority in all black decided to walk out of parliament  within the address by the president His Excellency William Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo. The opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) are protesting government’s failure to release some ... Read More »

Cosby Media Training College Presents ”The Senator’s Class”

Cosby De Senator

  Aspiring Broadcasters and Journalists can now see their dreams come true in just 12 months (1year) of intensive theoretical and practical lessons dubbed “the Senator’s Class”. This exclusive and exceptional class is to equip prospective students adequately to earn an internationally approved and accredited Diploma in Journalism and Media Studies leading to admission into level 300 of the University ... Read More »