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Prof Mills’ Son Kofi Sam Confesses, Prof Naana Jane Used To Change My Pampers

Prof Mills’ Son Kofi Sam Confesses, Prof Naana Jane Used To Change My Pampers

Son of the Late President of the Republic of Ghana Prof John Evans Atta Mills, Kofi Sam Atta Mills yesterday on Power fm said the newly appointed Running Mate of the National Democratic Congress NDC Professor Jane Naana Opoku Agyemang used to change his pampers when he was a child.

Sam Kofi Atta Mills

He said this during an interview with the controversial sociopolitical radio broadcaster Mugabe Maase. According to Kofi Sam Atta Mills, he has known Professor Naana Jane Opoku Agyemang when he was very young in Cape Coast. ”Prof Naana was our neighbor when i was living with my Auntie in Yaa Asantewaa Road in University of Cape Coast. I used to play football with her son Kobi and all that. I go to their house and her kids comes to our house also.

I quiet remember when she was the Education Minister, i went to pay her a visit and she was like ”Heerh! Kofi Sam, you little boy that i used to change your pampers in recent times and you are grown like this? we laughed over it. Shes been a very close friend to the family for a very long time. Naana Jane is an astitute personality whose achievements cant be challenged. I think, looking at her credentials, she is more than even qualified for the Running Mate position. She stands on very firm grounds to get that position. Am very proud of her. Of cause she also brings in diversity, now that we are in modern world that we advocate for women to also assume higher offices in equal rights in our society. I think that she also brings a certain type of flavor into politics where we have a well season woman to acquire such a position. i hadn’t know that she was going to be a the running mate but when I heard or was announced i was like wow! this is a game changer. It was something that took me at back because i wasn’t expecting it, but for me i think she is the right person for the job. I wish her all the best. I called her to assure her of my full support for this job and i know it will go well. She is my mother, she helped in bringing me up. God bless their ticket. John and Jane” Kofi Sam Atta Mills expressed.




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