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Intractable Ghana Education Service, Do You Want To “Infect And Kill” Our Children with Coronavirus?

Intractable Ghana Education Service, Do You Want To “Infect And Kill” Our Children with Coronavirus?


Did I hear the Ghana Education Service properly in the matter of reopening schools for our children?

When will our leaders put Ghanaian lives first? Why are some people self-centered?

Why would someone in leadership think of reopening schools?

As at today, 23rd May 2020, available data and science clearly show that Ghana’s Covid-19 numbers are going up exponentially.

Available data from the Ghana Health Service indicate that the numbers are still going up with 6617 confirmed cases and 31 deaths.

Ghana Education Service

On the 18th of May, 2020 I sighted letter from the Africa Education Watch and the Ghana Teachers Unions. It was refreshing to read that both institutions were against reopening of schools.

They have spoken vehemently and given reasons why reopening of schools would be dangerous and would rather expose our teachers and children to the Coronavirus.

They have actually put Ghanaian citizens first; and I applaud them. They maintained that lives of teachers, students and other school workers may be at risk due to the difficulty in maintaining social distancing at schools. This is a fact.

They also stated that there will be constraints in schools such as availability of clean running water, availability of alcohol-based hand sanitizers, face/nose masks and general hygiene logistics for pupils, students, school workers, teachers and lecturers. This is also a fact.

Our classrooms that were supposed to keep under 20 pupils or students have a number of 40-45 per classroom. With this background how can there be social distancing?

Look at our nursery schools, primary schools, secondary schools and tertiary institutions.

Are we not going to increase the spread and worsen the Covid-19 situation in Ghana?

Our classrooms are already packed. Look at how our children sleep in the boarding houses and even sit in their dining halls?

Look at how campuses are clustered in lecture theatres and someone is thinking of reopening schools?

I beg your pardon, Ghana Education Service should come again.

I believe there is an ulterior motive to this plot to re-open schools to favour something else? Your guess is good as mine.

Could it be that a group of people want to hold thier Presidential and Parliamentary primaries?

The Africa Education Watch needs to be congratulated because of their objective to promote Education Policy Research and Advocacy Organization, and working with Civil Society Organizations, Governments and the Private Sector to promote an equitable, accountable and responsive education system that assures of quality and equal opportunities for all. I say ayekoo.

Let me ask Ghana Education Service this question about the WASSCE 2020.

Which of the tracks will be the first to re-open? The green track, the blue track, the yellow track or the red track?

TT Caternor

Will the examinations be done in sequences too, because my nephews and nieces are at home now and I need to know how their examinations will be written when the schools reopen.

Will the Africa Education Watch and the Ghana Teachers Union kindly help us stop the Coronavirus from spreading in our schools?

TT Caternor
La Dadekotopon



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