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Some Social Media Users Descend on Akumaa Mama Zimbi

Some Social Media Users Descend on Akumaa Mama Zimbi

Congratulatory messages flooded the Internet as Kennedy Osei, son of Osei Kwame Despite tied the knot in a glamorous traditional wedding but Akumaa Mama Zimbi’s comment has attracted some unpleasant comments from some Facebook users as she shared a videos from the ceremony with the caption, “When God blesses your parents this is what happens when you are marring. Sharp.” .

Many found this unnecessary because every parent is blessed, the statement attracted many comments including:

“Every parent is blessed wai. Point of Correction!” Stephen Paakwesi Quainoo.

“Does it mean that if a large number of people didn’t carry things to follow you during your marriage your parents are not blessed? Akumaa come again. All fingers are not the same OK but they are all design by God,”  Armah-Amattey Lady Joyce.

“I disagree with you on this one please… Your caption needs to be checked again ma. Thank you”, Benedicta Torsu

“You claim u are wise but u lack common sense madam. U are among the parents who consider money or riches first when giving out ur [sic] daughter for marriage.” Wan Mocos.

“Awwww mama do u think only money is a blessing. Have you asked what they are going through in their house’s?,” Obaapa Akua

The TV and Radio host Akumaa Mama Zimbi, is yet to respond to any of the comments.

Written By : Pamela Abaah ( Mz Pamzy)


Written By : Pamela Abaah (Mz Pamzy)


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