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Akwatia NPP Constituency Executives Defend the Grammar of their MP Ama Sey

Akwatia NPP Constituency Executives Defend the Grammar of their MP Ama Sey

The constituency Secretary of the ruling New Patriotic Party Agya Opoku Acheampong in the Akwatia Constituency has come in defense of their Member of Parliament Hon Ama Sey in the grammar she used in her speech during the Independence parade, reports.

In an interview with Kwame Nkrumah Tikesie on Okay FM this morning, he said, he is shocked and surprised why people will make issue out of this. ‘’Hon Ama Sey is a form four graduate, she’s never attended a university before. After completing form four, she went into dress making and became an international dress maker who goes abroad for business transactions. In all her business transactions abroad, she does not speak Twi over there but tries as much as possible to use the grammar her business clients could understand her. It is not about speaking fluent or speaking good grammar but making people understand what you are talking about’’ The NPP constituency Secretary revealed.

Ama Seu

‘’We in the Region knew she was a dress maker, she never told us lies about her identity. We voted for her because of what she can do for the constituency and not because of grammar. Nation building is not about speaking good grammar. We have professors, HND, PHD and Degree holders that have disappointed this country in the positions given them. In her case, she contested with degree holders but we voted for her. In any case, the incumbent MP Hon Baba Jamal was a lawyer but what better thing did he do for our constituency? This woman will surprise everybody in the constituency and in Ghana with her hard work and we are going to retain her till she herself resigns. She’s been tried and tested in terms of helping her constituents. I don’t think Parliament looks at anyone’s certificate or how you speak good grammar before giving you your Common fund. So the noise about her grammar won’t tickle us and she’s not bothered or perturbed one bit. After all, we know those behind this spread of propaganda, we will deal with them in the appropriate time’’ Mr Acheampong.



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