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Mahama was visionary: Ameri plant handed to government

The Ameri power plant was finally handed over to government after the Build, Own, Operate, Transfer (BOOT) contract elapsed. It is has now been transferred to the VRA and would be subsequently moved to Kumasi. The AMERI power deal came to fore because the then Opposition NPP used it as an election campaign against the John Mahama administration citing corruption. The NPP vowed to investigate the agreement in a view of cancelling or reviewing the terms of agreement. Upon assumption of office, the deal was thoroughly investigated.

In a sharp U-turn the NPP government curiously after all its investigation rather sought to increase the five year agreement which cost the government of Ghana over $ 500 million to a fifteen years agreement adding  a financial burden to the country. The renegotiated AMERI was withdrawn after serious public outcry. An additional extension of the 60 months agreement was extended to 72 months.

The power plant has finally been handed over to government via the VRA. the plant generates 250MW of energy. This is very vital in the face of a growing population and a surging energy demands. It must be pointed out that after all the criticisms of The erstwhile NDC government, the work that they did in increasing our energy generation is beyond  comparism to any other government in Ghana’s history. This is visionary leadership. Our excess energy capacity means we would not experience another energy crisis in the near foreseeable future.

Secondly its also important that this would also have an impact on our revenue generation. Borrowing in itself its not bad if it is channeled into the right sector. AMERI and the Atuabo Gas Processing Plant should going forward as a nation serves as smart borrowing for the government. These projects eventually pays for itself and also increases revenue for government. Politicians must be visionary and take decisions that would inure to the long growth of the country and benefit future generation. Time has eventually proven that President Mahama was indeed visionary leader.



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