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God Will Punish Anyone Who Will Pull 3 Music Awards And Sadiq Down

God Will Punish Anyone Who Will Pull 3 Music Awards And Sadiq Down

Almost all his life is dedicated to the entertaiment industry. Sadiq has selflessly worked in almost every aspect of music and television production. He no get anything from music. He created a fantastic awards scheme that’s going to take GH music to next stage, for 3 years he never got a kobo. He owes over one million Ghana cedis in debt as a result of this.

As we speak, 3 Music has no single commerical sponsor. Not even one. Why? Because people who call themselves experts say he has no music experience and are going about speaking against his scheme, board. He is a small boy. He doesn’t have experience to be a board member. IMAGINE!


Sadiq 3music Awards

Let’s get back to it — helping Ghanaian artistes to get work. These are our people and this is the talent God has blessed them with.

I, alone, cannot stop those who hate Sadiq just because he’s passionate about promoting GH music, but I can help promote him, I can offer assistance when needed. And I will do same for Dark Suburb. Join me, let’s support them. Let’s empower our society through music.


Please all “Pull Him Down (PhD)” holders in this industry should be informed that a war against 3 Music Awards is a war against #BeefNation.

I don’t know Sadiq personally but #BeefNatives will beef anybody that stands against this young man. What he’s doing for the industry needs nothing but support from all of us and not sabotage.

#MennersNation are treating this matter with kids gloves but we at #BeefNation will “fork and knife” it if we get details of this sabotage.

Kelly has details but he’s throwing shades with it. Just pray I don’t get any informant to bring me details, just pray. Because we will war war and not jaw jaw this time round. End of announcement.

Sadiq 3music Awards




Written By: Kelly Nii Lartey Mensah

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