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Hon. Kwesi Etu Bonde, Perfect Choice For NDC Running Mate In 2020

Hon. Kwesi Etu Bonde, Perfect Choice For NDC Running Mate In 2020

There have been lots of agitations about the choice of running mate for President John Dramani Mahama after the NDC delegates Congress in Accra.

Anita Desoso was the first to ignite the debate followed by the founder about non Ewes in the frontline of their executives which the best solution is to appease the Voltarians with a running mate.Etu Bonde And John Mahama

There has been lots of school of thoughts about an Akan been considered. All these school of thoughts are because the NDC needed votes from all angles to help John Dramani Mahama to win the 2020 elections.

Names have popped up which are inclined to certain particular ethnic groups geared towards a particular occupation with lesser constituents.

Sailing through the names that have come out, we have realized that, all the names above could not help if either decision is taken. We also realized, it will be prudent for the NDC to get someone who will be appealing to everyone in the country and who will have trust of the President. gathers

After our search we entreat the Vice Presidential Search Committee to look for a young and energetic young man in Parliament called Hon. Kwesi Etu Bonde, the current Member of Parliament for Kintampo North (Center of Ghana). Hon Bonde also lives in Bono East Region formerly Brong Ahafo, where he was elected as an MP in the Kintampo North Constituency.

Hon Bonde is an Agribusiness consultant and a farmer. He was the 2011 National Best Farmer for the Mango category. He is a member of the National Best Farmers Association and Fishermen Award winners Association which is the largest constituency in the country.

Hon Bonde has a vast knowledge in Business and Economics and could use his academic excellence as a former lecturer to bring on board the intellectuals, Farmers, Voltarians, Ashantis, Easterners, the people of Bono East as constituents to supplement the NDC’s National votes come 2020.

Etu Bonde

He will also bring to rest the argument of whether we should go for Ewe or Akan since Hon Bonde hails from both sides of the coin.

We wish as a matter of urgency calling on the search committee to look for Hon Kwesi Etu Bonde, a choice that will win the NDC the Election 2020 easily.


Concern Members of Farmers Association in Ghana

Convener: Ryan Agyenim Boateng: 0508660666

Friends of Hon Kwesi Etu Bonde




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