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Overcoming Loneliness In Addiction Recovery

Social support gives you a sense of belonging instead of isolation. It also increases your sense of self-worth when you’re part of a network that can help you, and you can also help them. If you’re recovering right now, it’s essential to understand that isolating yourself during treatment is difficult but healthy.

  • The most crucial aspect of your recovery journey is maintaining healthy relationships with your sponsor, support group, or counselor.
  • In this journey, the shadow of loneliness can loom large, making the path to recovery even more daunting.
  • Fortunately, addiction treatment is a great place to create a support network.
  • What we suggest here is to pay attention to what’s happening in your community or neighborhood and join in whenever you see an announcement for a public event.
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In general, those who struggle with loneliness are at higher risk of developing an addiction to drugs or alcohol. If you or someone you care about are feeling suicidal, call the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline, offering 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress. Meditation and yoga can provide useful ways of staying grounded when you feel frustrated or discouraged. That is because they redirect your attention to the present moment.

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Also invest in the quality of the relationships you’re creating. The greatest satisfaction and trust tend to emerge in relationships with high levels of understanding, validation and responsiveness, based on research published in the journal, Emotion. In addition, when you volunteer, you’re likely to find friends in the process. Help elderly neighbors by delivering meals—getting to know them in the process. Or join the group helping at the local humane society—and make connections with human as well as furry friends. Any of these will relieve loneliness because you’re sharing time with people who care about similar missions, but also because you’re giving to others.

Opinion We Know the Cure for Loneliness. So Why Do We Suffer? – The New York Times

Opinion We Know the Cure for Loneliness. So Why Do We Suffer?.

Posted: Wed, 06 Sep 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Clarify your mission, your purpose and your goals—and reflect on how you want to grow and develop. It can also be an opportunity to meet new people through taking a class or joining a club. Fitness clubs offer a wide variety of classes from kickboxing to yoga or weight training – while other classes like cooking, art, or writing might help you discover new interests.

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Remember that detachment and disconnection are two things that make you feel lonely. Though loneliness in addiction recovery is always difficult, it’s something you can overcome, especially if you check into the right recovery program. At Clear Life Recovery, our experts will help you get your life back on track and involve your friends and family members in the recovery process. With our help, you can recover from your substance abuse disorder with the assistance of those who love you. Turning to drugs or alcohol is a way for many individuals to escape that isolating emotional pain.

Another way you can thwart loneliness is by being intentional about finding your people. You won’t get a sense of belonging from simply being with others. You’ll get a sense of belonging when you have a shared sense of social identity. As you determine loneliness in recovery how to feel less alone, you’re wise to start by understanding yourself and your unique challenges. Support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, or SMART Recovery connect you with people who understand your journey without judgment.

Go to Meetings

People have a need for social contact and when this is lacking they will suffer as a result. Those who escape an addiction are at particular risk from loneliness because it can lead eventually to relapse. Sometimes, you can surround yourself with people and still feel lonely in your recovery. This feeling is typical with healing because you change thought patterns and learn healthy coping skills.

Loneliness is a subjective feeling that coincides with other strong feelings like depression, anxiety, or even panic. It also doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re alone in a room with no other people. Many people report that they feel lonely even when they’re with their friends or family. People in addiction recovery often say that loneliness is one of the most difficult things to overcome. The main reason is that loneliness can’t simply be treated by medications. The tools for dealing with loneliness are ones that you have to formulate yourself.

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